CrPC Section 357C: Treatment of Victims – Code of Criminal Procedure


CrPC Section 357C: Treatment of Victims – Code of Criminal Procedure

1. The Code

CrPC Section 357C deals with the treatment of victims of crime, particularly those who are vulnerable or require special assistance. It aims to ensure their well-being and provide necessary support during the criminal justice process.

2. Explanation

This section mandates the court, upon conviction, to consider the need for rehabilitation and compensation for the victim. The court may order for:

  • Medical treatment and care
  • Counseling and psychological support
  • Vocational training and employment assistance
  • Financial assistance for loss of income and other expenses
  • Protection from the accused or any other threats
  • Any other measures deemed necessary for the victim’s well-being

The court can also direct the concerned authorities to implement these measures.

3. Illustration

Imagine a victim of a violent assault who suffers physical injuries and psychological trauma. Under Section 357C, the court can order the accused to provide medical expenses for the victim’s treatment. Additionally, the court may direct a government agency to provide counseling and rehabilitation services to help the victim recover from the trauma.

4. Common Questions and Answers

Q: Who is considered a victim under this section?

A: Any person who has suffered harm or loss due to a crime can be considered a victim under this section.

Q: What are the criteria for granting compensation to a victim?

A: The court considers the nature and extent of the harm suffered, the victim’s financial situation, and the accused’s ability to pay.

Q: Can the court order compensation even if the accused is acquitted?

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A: No, the court can order compensation only if the accused is convicted of the crime.


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