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ApniLaw is not just a platform; it's a journey born out of a shared passion for empowering individuals with legal knowledge and assistance.

Conceived by a final-year law student and an MBA graduate from IIM, ApniLaw started as a humble initiative to bridge the gap between legal complexities and everyday understanding.

Origin Story:

The idea of ApniLaw sprouted during late-night brainstorming sessions fueled by endless cups of coffee. As law and business enthusiasts, we often found ourselves navigating through convoluted legal jargon and wishing for a simplified, accessible resource. Determined to transform this vision into reality, we combined our expertise, determination, and a sprinkle of youthful enthusiasm to create ApniLaw.

From its inception, ApniLaw has been driven by the belief that legal knowledge should be accessible to all. With a shared commitment to democratize legal information, we embarked on a journey to build a platform that serves as the go-to destination for all legal needs in India.

Vision & Mission


Our vision at ApniLaw is to revolutionize the legal landscape by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that empowers individuals with knowledge and assistance, making law accessible to everyone.


At ApniLaw, our mission is to serve as the premier search engine for law in India, offering a one-stop solution for legal information, acts, legal queries, expert answers from top lawyers, and a directory of legal professionals. We are dedicated to simplifying legal complexities, fostering transparency, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions in every legal aspect of their lives.

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